TrumpetBird is a Los Angeles and Chattanooga-based wedding videography company.


Bringing together great composition and personalized music to not only document a beautiful wedding, but help remember how that special time felt.



Corey Fleeman, Co-Founder

Corey Fleeman’s varied background includes classical music, business management, and video production. He spent several years playing bassoon with numerous orchestras around the world before turning his attention to the world of video when he began his online music education company, Whether walking a student through the finer points of the oboe or capturing the magic of a wedding day, he knows the power and beauty of a compelling narrative.

In 2011, Corey married Alex, and he feels blessed to be able to travel, make music, and live life with his best friend.


Jessica Rieke, Director of Marketing + Photographer

With a background in marketing and advertising working with some of the largest brands in the world, Jessica is truly passionate about providing an exceptional (and seamless!) experience from start to finish working with TrumpetBird Productions and J. Lee Photos

She has spent time teaching in South Korea and traveling the world, but now resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Kenneth, and loves nothing more than the adventure of marriage with her best friend. 



Luke Herron, Co-Founder

In addition to videography, Luke Herron is a photographer and writer, born in TN, raised in East Africa, studied art in Georgia and Italy, lived in Dublin, Nairobi, New York City, and recently moved to Chattanooga, TN with wife Brooke, as they begin to raise their young family and create films in Tennessee. 



Janelle Perusi, Lead Cinematographer

Janelle has a background in photography, but her true passion is for moving pictures. In 2007 she moved to California from a small town in Wisconsin, and initially dreamed of becoming an actress...which lasted about 6 months. She quickly realized she was born to sit behind the lens and has been finding ways to do so ever since. 

Janelle now lives in the Los Feliz area of LA and loves to travel with her husband and capture weddings year-round. She has been working with TrumpetBird as a videographer since 2014. 


Gio Barot, Lead Cinematographer

Gio's interest within the arts first began in high school with musical theater. The stage captivated him with the power of story telling and its ability to draw up raw emotions from the audience. Shortly after, he then ventured  into short narratives with filmmaking. Though pursuing education and training mainly as a Director and Writer, Gio fell in love with Cinematography. 

Since 2013, Gio continues his pursuit for narrative filmmaking, but also found a soft side of himself shooting weddings. He joined TrumpetBird Productions in 2015 and has enjoyed creating tangible memories for people to reminisce for a lifetime.